Single-Tenant Cloud Environments For Maximum Control And Privacy

Private Clouds enable greater security and control for companies
who need a more bespoke solution or have strict compliance regulations to meet.


Mobility is the interaction between the human and computer during which information is transmitted through data, voice and video. Mobile computing in laymen`s word involve transmission of information, and mobile software integrated with hardware. As mobile devices are flooding the markets and the entire ecosystem of applications has gone into overdrive, the role of the it department cannot be overstated. This new age interconnected mass market devices which are flooding most enterprises are neither secured nor manageable.

As more mobile devices and form factors like 2 in 1 emerge organizations will become even more vulnerable. In addition to this the services and applications which the employees use further compromises the organization. Trade secrets, crucial data can all be lost in a span of hours if appropriate measures are not taken.

There is no doubt that mobile devices also improve enterprise`s overall effectiveness. It helps the employees be more agile, lowers costs for all stakeholders involved and there is less employee resistance towards these devices. To harness the power of mobility the business processes need to be adapted to these new-age devices. Balancing the employee`s privacy concerns and the organization`s security is essential to maximize productivity within the organization.

Maximization of organization`s productivity is each organization`s outcome. This outcome can be achieved using three gradual steps: management`s policies regarding how employees utilize their business devices; Operational policies that govern machine-level access and underlying technologies; and management policies of how they govern the life-cycle of these devices.