HP’s Device as a Service (DaaS) will help your organisation to boost employee productivity with world class employee productivity. You will get all the solution from A to Z, which you need, right from hardware and accessories to services and support.

DaaS: Devices as a Service

The addition of various personal devices at the workplace has created a condrum for the IT admnistrators and cybersecurity officers in ensuring a secure and manageable working environment.

Multiple devices operating on different kinds of operating systems have created additional endpoints that need to be protected from security breaches. With the addition of Millienials and fast increasing Generation Z in the workplace,it is vital to asseess,prevent and protect the digtal working enviornment.


End to End Life Cycle Management

End to End Lifecycle

Why choose HP DaaS?

Reduce the time-consuming tasks of supporting, securing and managing multi-Operating System devices so you can focus on what increases your business. Reduce the complexity of purchasing with simple, flexible plans that make it easy to tailor to your specific business needs. With DaaS we offer everything that your enterprise requires from hardware,accessories, lifecycle services and support all in one contract. Additional Services like global support, accidental damage protection(ADP) and Next Business Day (NBD) repair or replacement can also be added.Additional lifecycle services can also be provided like design and planning, installation and asset tracking, imaging,tech café, secure wipe and disposition of the product after use. Financial Support can also be availed

The Right Device: Choose devices and accessories that are

Keep a track: with the help of analytics you can do proactive management.

Flexibility: Select basic and flexible plans which will scale your business needs.

One stop Solution: Simplifies your Computing Solutions at a very large extent.

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