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Retail Point Of Sale abbreviated as RPOS. It is that device which is used in the retail selling of any product. It is used where an invoice is made at the end of any purchase. But it is not only that, when a customer walks into a store he not only comes to buy things and just leave. He expects the retailer to understand him and engage with him. RPOS can help the retailer serve the customer in a flexible manner to improve in-store connections. It can also help retailers to provide seamless and consistent brand experience.

HPs RPOS is more sophisticated than a cash register or PC. Including a keyboard with magnetic stripe reader, receipt printer, customer display pole, or touchscsreen monitor, and a wide selection of software applications.

In our previous post, we explained all the Industries where the RPOS products will be useful and of what will the be useful for.


RPOS System


The products which are included in the RPOS(Retail Point of Sale) are given below:

  1. HP ElitePad Mobile POS
  2. HP RP7 Retail System
  3. HP RP5 Retail System
  4. HP RP3 Retail System
  5. HPs Digital Signage Solutions


1. HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution

The HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution has a great design, build to last longer, works right from the front end to the back end of the store. The HPs Retail Jacket which is like a cover to the HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution, which comes with a built in Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR) and Barcode Scanner. Both HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution and HPs Retail Jacket if combined together allows the store person to speed up the checkout process of the customers so that they don’t have to wait in the long queues for making the bill payment. This will also result in increase the sales of the store and the store people can attend more customers. Which will in turn result in more customers to come in the store as the service is fast. The HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution can also help you in managing the workforce in the store, inventory management, which will take the store experience to another level.

HP ElitePad Mobile POS

Interacting with the customers in the store using the mobile sales tool on the HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution.  The sales person on the store floor can do the complete transaction of a customer using the HPs Retail Jacket which has a built in MSR(Magnetic Stripe Reader) and barcode scanner.

On HPs Retail Jacket the hand strap in the back give the store person to hold the device perfectly in palm without any discomfort and awkward slips.

HP ElitePad Mobile POS Solution, Catalog, Back
HP ElitePad Jacket

The HPs Retail Jacket has a secondary battery which keeps you working for a longer time without any charging interruption.

The HPs ElitePad Mobile POS Solution has been designed to resist vibration, high and low temperatures, dust, shock, drop and humidity.


2. HPs RP7 Retail System

The HPs RP7 Retail System is a sleek and modern design which fits into the retail and hospitality environments. The HPs RP7 Retail System is a space saving device which is customised to fulfil your stores unique and ever changing requirement.

The HPs RP7 Retail System is a flush bezel edges make this an appealing self service kiosk that compliments any modern retail environment.

HP RP7 Retail System

The HPs RP7 Retail System can be used on the billing counter or it can also be wall mounted for better operation.

The HPs RP7 Retail System is compatible with a full range of retail products such as MSR, Barcode Reader, fingerprint scanner webcam, which can be connected to the HPs RP7 Retail System. All the additional products are to be brought separately.

To know more about The HPs RP7 Retail System search for “HP RP7” on YouTube.


3. HP RP5 Retail System

The HP RP5 Retail System has a lot of advanced features that helps the retailers to adapt to one system which does everything like critical operations, the expandable and highly configurable HP RP5 Retail Systems allows business to customise a complete solution that is specifically designed for use in the retail stores.

The HP RP5 Retail System is available with Intel processors, mass storage, removable media and memory.

HP RP5 Retail System Front

The HP RP5 Retail System, just like HPs RP7 Retail System, connects with other compatible devices such as MSR, Barcode Scanner, Fingerprint Reader, webcam, etc.

The HP RP5 Retail System is made very reliable, retail hardened engineering helps reduce the computer to go out of service and which will increase the use of it.

HP RP5 Retail System Back

To know more about The HPs RP5 Retail System search for “HP RP5” on YouTube.


4. HP RP3 Retail System

The HP RP3 Retail System is affordable and compact which provides the retailers a good connectivity feature that helps to increase operating cost efficiency. The space constrained settings are nearly everywhere, where you need a POS system. The HP RP3 Retail System can set up as a traditional client or a thin computing platform which is put all over the stores wherever needed.

HP RP3 Retail System

The compact design of the HP RP3 Retail System frees up the counter space and can be set up anywhere, where a POS is required.

The HP RP3 Retail System has been shock tested and the extreme environmental conditions can withstand any rough use towards the system.

The HP RP3 Retail System reduces energy costs with ENERGY STAR qualified and EPEAT Gold registered design.

To know more about The HPs RP3 Retail System search for “HP RP3” on YouTube.


5. HPs Digital Signage Solutions

HPs Digital Signage Solutions which are put up displays advertisements which reach the key audience which helps to grow revenue, of the respective industry, which will make your communications more relevant and memorable. HPs Digital Signage Display, combined with the HPs Digital Signage Player is designed to deliver dynamic and interactive signage content that attracts, engages, and promotes effectively to customers.

  • HPs Digital Signage Display

HPs Digital Signage Display reaches to the customers with expansive, high-resolution video, graphics, and texts with vibrant colours and deep rich tones.

HPs Digital Signage Display is built to last for a longer time and it can run 24/7. HP offers a 3 year limited warranty backed by HP service and support.

HP Digital Signage Display

HPs Digital Signage Display is fully tested, qualified for out of the box functionality, and it is also compatible with HP business products for a seamless solution.

  • HPs Digital Signage Players

HPs Digital Signage Players have high contrast ratios, brightness and the flexible positioning for stunning views of graphics and text.

HPs Digital Signage Players features the latest graphics configuration, latest processors and chips with very high graphics, the power you need to run a compelling digital signage content.

HP Digital Signage Player

HPs Digital Signage Players are pre certified by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and is backed by HPs 3 year onsite warranty for years of smooth and reliable performance.




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