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IT Simplified: Intel vPro Technology

Intel vPro is an integrated suite of business-class technologies with built-in stability, performance, and security tools. This platform helps businesses of all sizes to scale quickly, pivot faster and manage the IT environment of the company. 

Intel vPro is a amalgamations of the below technologies:

1.    Security Powered by Intel® Threat Detection Technology (TDT) within Intel Hardware Shield: 

•    Identify threats, detect abnormal activities and remediate them while off-loading security workloads to the GPU.
•    Identify unauthorized changes to hardware and firmware by providing visibility into how the OS and BIOS use hardware protection.
•    Prevent memory corruption and malware injection by isolating different workspaces and reducing attack surfaces.

2.    Manageability Powered by Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA):
•    Intel AMT establishes a secure connection between IT and an Intel vPro-based PC for the smooth running of mission-critical resources and features like KVM control, remote power on, etc.
•    Intel EMA helps with cloud-based manageability for any Intel vPro-based PC. 

3.    Stability Powered by Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP)
•    The multistep validation process to keep every hardware component of an Intel vPro-powered PC consistent for 15 months throughout the buying cycle or until the next generational release.

Benefits of Intel vPro include:

Comprehensive Multilayer Security
With unique hardware-based security measures that are enabled right out of the box, along with protections below the OS and active monitoring for threats and attacks, Intel vPro provides multi-layer security to help protect your business’s resources and data. 

Professional-Grade Performance
Equipping employees with PCs — from ultralight laptops to high-power workstations — built on Intel vPro amplifies their effectiveness with the industry-leading performance tuned for the workloads and applications that business professionals use the most.

Complete Management for the IT department

The office is everywhere. With PCs built on Intel vPro, IT can be everywhere, too. Intel vPro brings modern management options to discover, repair, and help protect PCs in your entire organization remotely. It will help simplify support and improve the user experience.

Reliable Stability
Demanding design requirements and rigorous testing ensure that all PCs built on Intel vPro deliver a reliable, stable foundation for smoother fleet management and allow you to scale confidently.