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IT Simplified : Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the next wave in computing followed by mainframes, PCs, and smartphones as per Microsoft. It liberates us from screen-bound experiences by offering instinctual interactions with data in our living spaces and with our friends. Online explorers, in hundreds of millions around the world, have experienced mixed reality through their handheld devices. Mobile AR offers the most mainstream mixed reality solutions today on social media. People may not even realize that the AR filters they use on Instagram are mixed reality experiences.

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A semiconductor is a computer chip that serves as the brain of anything that’s computerized or uses radio waves. It handles complex thinking such as arithmetic and data storage that is integral to cell phones, tablets, kitchen gadgets, laptops, video game consoles and automobiles.

In vehicles, dozens of individual semiconductor chips are used to control everything from engine temperature to alert drivers of the need for an oil change. The types of chips produced by semiconductor companies can be categorized in two ways(As per the integrated circuits or functionality of the chip).

Usually, chips are categorized in terms of their functionality. However, they are sometimes divided into types according to the integrated circuits (ICs) used.