Introduction to HPs RPOS

Retail Point Of Sale abbreviated as RPOS. It is that device which is used in the retail selling of any product. It is used where an invoice is made at the end of any purchase. But it is not only that, when a customer walks into a store he not only comes to buy things and just leave. He expects the retailer to understand him and engage with him. RPOS can help the retailer serve the customer in a flexible manner to improve in-store connections. It can also help retailers to provide seamless and consistent brand experience.

RPOS System

HPs RPOS is more sophisticated than a cash register or PC. Including a keyboard with magnetic stripe reader, receipt printer, customer display pole, or touchscsreen monitor, and a wide selection of software applications.


Key Global trends driving retail consumer

  • Time Starved
  • Digitally enabled & empowered
  • Less loyal
  • Demanding a better experience


Key Global trends driving retail business

  • Consumer demand no longer begins and ends at store
  • Creating differentiation through new concepts
  • Better address consumer demand for more value
  • Balance personalisation and security concerns


Key Global trends driving retail technology

  • More effective support
  • Better integration
  • More architectures
  • More appropriate tools for sellers.


Key Global trends driving retail industry

  • Globalisation, consolidation format blurring
  • Growing interest in mobility & digital solution
  • Deliver an Omni-channel experience
  • Increase operational efficiency


Advanced technology is empowering consumers to the center of the retail market and this advanced technology in called Omni-channel retailing. A retailer should: Deliver seamless customer experience across all channels; keep consumers updated about the product or service and tell them how different and better we are from our competitors; create a good in-store customer experience so that the consumers remember us and also tell their friends/family about us.


HPs RPOS is helpful in many industries like:

  • Food & Beverage (F&B) Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • General Merchandise Industry
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Industry


In the next article you will learn about the different industries in which the RPOS devices are used and in what way are they used.



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