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IT Simplified : Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is the next wave in computing followed by mainframes, PCs, and smartphones as per Microsoft. It liberates us from screen-bound experiences by offering instinctual interactions with data in our living spaces and with our friends. Online explorers, in hundreds of millions around the world, have experienced mixed reality through their handheld devices. Mobile AR offers the most mainstream mixed reality solutions today on social media. People may not even realize that the AR filters they use on Instagram are mixed reality experiences.

Mixed reality is a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking natural and intuitive 3D human, computer, and environmental interactions. This new reality is based on advancements in computer vision, graphical processing, display technologies, input systems, and cloud computing.

Mixed Reality technology encompasses:

Environmental understanding: The ability to map a space and superimpose information onto that space in a way that merges virtual and real-world content.
Human understanding: Technology, enabled by sensors and cameras, which track the movements, speech, and inputs of human users.
Spatial sound: 360-degree audio experiences designed to make digital experiences feel more immersive and realistic.
Locations and positioning: The ability of XR technology to understand both its own position and the position of the user in any given moment.
3D assets: Fully three-dimensional content, accessible in the real world. Often, these assets are referred to as “holograms”.

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