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Video Walls – Meaning & Benefits


Video walls have been finding their own importance in most of the industries. They have many benefits, including increased exposure and enhanced productivity.

A retail business can enhance customer experience by making an investment in technology which will digitalise their store and take a step towards entering the new era of retail business.

With the help of video walls the retail business can deliver information across the retail store via digital solution, this in turn will help the business shoot up as it can attract more customers to the store.



What are Video Walls?

Video walls are those displays which you can see in stadiums where two or more screens are attached to each other making it one big screen. You can also find these in luxury hotels, multiplexes, shopping malls, and other such places.

Video Wall in a Shopping Mall

A video wall has a lot of benefits in the world of multi-media and it can be effectively used to broadcast ads or news.

With the high trend of Video Walls, manual signage have started to be forgotten, because video walls are very attractive and catch the attention of people faster than that of manual signage. The video walls also displays information directly pulled from the company’s enterprise resource planning system.

Video walls have a lot of different potential uses. Organisations of various sectors especially the retail sectors are finding ways to adapt to the Video Wall Technology.

Video Wall is a very effective way to grow your business and increase their sales which in-turn increases the profit of the company and also enhances customer experience. If a video wall is used in its perfect way it can be very useful and it is also a very powerful tool in displaying the right visual information about your company, be it retail, education, hospitality, etc.

Samsung’s retail clients are using video walls to create iconic branding displays. Hotels and restaurants use the technology as virtual concierges and platforms for social media messaging. Many commercial property owners rely on the technology to create dynamic lobby artwork.

Video at a Restaurant

Organizations that invest in LED technology and digital display innovations are finding their physical spaces and facilities, which already represent huge capital investment, becoming a more impactful representation of their brand.


How do I Create A Perfect Video Wall?

Just by installing high-resolution screens, a successful video wall is not complete. The retailer should have the proper mounting, networking, power and content management solution to have a successful video wall. There are many things that make a successful video wall, because many walls are not standard aspect ratio or resolutions, image processing is critical for scaling, switching and source management. Video walls are very modular, and the applications are quite customised. This is why a trusted and experienced reseller, working with market-leading technology vendors, is an important part of the equation.


Organisations have a lot of choices to make when it comes to video walls. The choices include, size, display resolution, interactivity & ruggedness. These are all the important concerns for video walls that run 24×7.

There are many things to be kept in mind while selecting screens, the four main considerations to be kept in mind are:

  • Think seamless, the ultra-narrow bezels screens make the gridlines almost disappear which is trending now-a-days.
  • The displays which are chosen should come with on-board processing units. The on-board processing units avoid additional costs and complications.
  • The display with you choose should be colour calibrated out of the box, which means that every display put up in a video wall will look same when tiled together.
  • One should think about how displays will assist with on-going content management needs.


Importance Of Content

It does not matter if you have the best of video display, because the content it delivers shows the true worth of the Video Display. Discussing what content to display on the video wall, while planning to put on video wall, is the most important thing. The organisation should have its end goal fixed in their mind throughout the process.

Organisations cannot underestimate, or under-resource, the importance of video wall content and messaging. These devices command attention given their size and placement, and therefore can provide big rewards in the areas of brand expression, promotion, location-based experience and improved ambiance. But they run the risk of becoming stale when viewed often by the same people.

Content rotation and refreshment is important. Providing visual renderings of inputs such as music, ambient noise, motion or data feeds can help the content on video walls to be truly dynamic.


Whether for advertising or information display, if you want to get some specific message across, you need a solution that can communicate information and do the leg work for you. And, video wall is the best solution for this.

A video wall has prominent benefits in the world of multi-media and it can be effectively used to broadcast ads or news.

Video walls are now also cropping up in leisure, corporate and retail applications. These highly interactive video displays add a visual punch along with serving as the potential business tool.

Video wall boasts exceptional features and can underpin a range of operations which has led to a great rise in the popularity of this high impact display solution, all around the globe.



Benefits of A Video Wall

  • Effective Communication:

Retail businesses are increasingly heading towards video walls for making communication in public space, store upfront will be more effective. In many places, video walls are integrated with feature rich-software to display real time data to create customer targeted and engaging messages.

  • Easy Control:

Video wall offers you easy control even when the two units of the system are placed apart from each other. The video wall controller aids in communication between display units and PC which are placed over long distances. Thus, video wall is considered as a reliable solution that helps in managing content (which is changing constantly) in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

  • Streamlined Operations:

Video walls is an array of display units which are tiled up together to form a larger display. This enables video wall to display more than one information at a time. Moreover, the information can be displayed in any manner. From arrival and departure time to advertising goods and displaying your menu and offer, video wall can be customised for many customer service operations.

  • Great Efficiency:

A video wall system boast efficiency greater than any other digital signage products. Video wall displays allow you to schedule and manage content, monitor PCs and other attached devices. They also permit to distribute contents across entire digital signage network which comprises of several screens and operates through the central location.

  • Interactivity:

Digital signage offer excellent interactivity as they are made using technology which enable user to easily transform video walls into a multi-touch surface which offers unique and interactive experience. By installing video wall solution in your retail store, you can engage your customers or visitors like never before. The video wall solution can also be implemented with tablets and smartphones to create a magnified social experience.

  • Situation Management:

Video walls are also an imperative tool being employed to unify information to multiple sources. Thus, they allow security personnel to capture security breaches swiftly and efficiently. The digital display system is also deployed to raise situational awareness and to inform what people what is happening around them and what are the measures to be taken.


Video wall can greatly engage customers but purchasing these large touchscreen displays is not at all piece of cake. It requires expertise but you when do not have much knowledge about the technical aspects of the product then you must for a reliable source. To leverage all the benefits of video walls, seek reputed manufacturer and supplier of video walls.



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