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There are many latest trends in technology that a small medium business will have to adopt to cope up with the latest trending technology.

The IT trends are emerging at a very fast pace this year.

CyberSecurity is a very big and long lasting concern, as new threats are coming up the nature of security is changing especially the Internet of Things.  Cloud backing up has become a very important part of technology. Artificial Intelligence is also going to be a very big part of technology, for example, Chabot is being used by many service providing companies. Businesses will have to adopt comprehensive mobile solutions, they will have to accept mobile payments as majority of the people make mobile payments.


Below are a few technology trends to watch out for:


Internet of Things Security

As SMBs bring more connected devices in their offices and stores (think thermostats, surveillance cameras, displays, locks and alarm systems, lighting systems, and so on), concerns about their security will grow. Few malwares can infect these connected devices and turn them into botnets, which means the devices which are connected are infected with a malware and they are controlled by a group without the owner’s knowledge. Insecure IoT devices are very dangerous and are viewed as real threats.

IoT is new and due to the lack of big visible hack or regulation, organisations have a hard time justifying security incentives.

In all the different industries; a hack is coming, where companies are making a very good progress in the terms of security.


Cloud Computing

In the last five years SMB cloud adoption nationwide has gone from under 20 percent of firms to more than 70 percent for small companies and more than 90 percent for midmarket firms.

Cloud Computing

Majority of the SMBs are getting comfortable with the cloud system and have adopted the cloud backup system, and in the future the SMBs will think of adopting more and more cloud services. Many companies are deploying a large amount of cloud based services. There are a few top cloud services like email hosting, online backup recovery, web hosting, and productivity solutions are going to be the top cloud services.


Artificial Intelligence

SMBs before preferred not to adopt AI solutions as it was not a successful before. But now AI solution is starting to be adopted by SMBs in the form of chatbots which interact with customers online or via mobile devices.

Chatbots are adopted by SMBs which help them to provide time to time service to its customers. Chatbots can also give information like finding product information, shipping notification, pinpoint business solution and many more.

Chabot is the interface between business to consumer, business to business, consumer to business interactions. There are a few technologies that help businesses to build and interact with customers not only on Facebook but also on their website, via text, or even via Skype.

Artificial Intelligence


Mobile Payment

After demonetisation, almost half of India has become digital. Digital payments i.e. via debit or ATM cards, credit cards, mobile payments and many more have taken a steep rise. Mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay have become a very common mode of payment which is widely understood by consumers and SMBs both that take in-store payment.

All-in-one solutions is coming up which will be very useful for SMBs.  Samsung recently partnered with Total Merchant Services, which processes payments for SMBs, on the Groovv POS Flex point-of-sale system is designed for small and medium-sized retailers. The POS features a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6inch tablet, it is also EMV complaint and also NFC enabled payment mode. The Samsung Tab E comes programmed with inbuilt software for inventory management, reporting and integrated marketing.

Mobile Payments



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