HP Device as a Service (DaaS)

HP Device As a service

Smart, simplified computing solutions for your business in today’s world.


HP DaaS will make your company more efficient, it will help in the Improvement of Employee Experience and it will lay off the burden from the shoulders of IT Experts.

HP DaaS will also boost employee productivity & IT Efficiency with the next level of computing solutions. You will get everything you need and nothing you don’t, right from hardware devices to the smallest of accessories to life cycle support & services, with a specific price per device.


Getting your personal device at your workplace has challenged the IT Experts in maintaining a secured IT environment. Multiple Operating Systems have opened up the endpoints for security breach, which in-turn made it difficult for the IT Experts to get the status of the IT environment.

HP DaaS simplifies these challenges by managing a diverse assortment of desktops, workstations, and mobile devices which will help in closing those unsecured end points and securing the business with HP DaaS.





The right device for the job.


There are employees in an organisation who need custom set devices as per their needs, for example, in the accounts department; the accounts department needs custom set configuration, different software, and things like latest devices.

HP DaaS provides global support accidental damage protection, next day repair/replacement services, so the employees can work on their device without stopping their work for a longer time.


Manage with Insights.


HP DaaS gives you real time analytics, insights, which will help in managing and optimizing assets and resources which will in-turn help the business to grow and move forward.

HPs multi OS device management capabilities help your business in the management capabilities across all HP DaaS devices. One can also implement proactive corrective actions before your operations are affected. With the help of HP DaaS Insights HP Service Agents can monitor and diagnose the status of your devices in real time and can make the necessary changes which are required. The insights can help your business to be reliable, consistent computing experience.

Custom make your plans with additional lifecycle services, from assessment and deployment to end of use.


Flexibility for your business.


With the help of HP DaaS you do not pay for more than what you use. You can choose from a specific list and custom make you plan. You can adjust your plan and flex down your fleet to meet the changing workforce or workload. Add lifecycle services and refresh devices as needed with the simplicity of a single contract and price per device.

With HP DaaS, you will get,

  • Multi-type, multi-OS device management.
  • Technical support and next business day service.
  • Lifecycle management on global scale.
  • Unique analytics.
  • Proactive management capabilities.
  • Flexible plans.
  • One Stop price per device model.


One stop solution.

HP DaaS delivers world class devices and accessories that are right for the job. HP DaaS combines it with one-stop hardware support, services, fleet management which will remove a lot of work load from the shoulders of IT experts with the simplified, predictable pricing model.


End to End Life Cycle Services:

Our full portfolio of service options covers every phase of the device lifecycle—from start to finish—for HP devices and other brands. Our expert consultants will help you choose a program to optimize your technology investment.

The steps of end to end life cycle services are:

  • Dispose/ Design: Create your ideal tech environment with our assessment, design, and planning services.
  • Configure: Save time and increase productivity by having your custom images and settings installed.
  • Deploy: Hit the ground running with deployment services including installation and data migration.
  • Optimize: Get the most out of your IT environment through helpdesk services, priority support, and staff augmentation.
  • Maintain: Relieve your IT staff of maintenance hassles by letting HP handle onsite service, accidental damage protection, and more.
  • Dispose: Keep your technology fresh by letting HP securely and responsibly manage hardware that’s at the end of its lifecycle.






  • Additional lifecycle services to deliver end-to-end solutions
  • DaaS plans include options from HP Financial Services (HPFS) with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 year terms.
  • Fleet Flexibility options available to flex down to match workloads available for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year terms.



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