HP Device as a Service Steps Explained in Detailed.

HP DaaS will make your company more efficient, it will help in the Improvement of Employee Experience and it will lay off the burden from the shoulders of IT Experts.

HP DaaS will also boost employee productivity & IT Efficiency with the next level of computing solutions. You will get everything you need and nothing you don’t, right from hardware devices to the smallest of accessories to life cycle support & services, with a specific price per device.

The landscape is changing.

  • Changing Expectation
  • Everything as a Service
  • HP Managed Print Services
  • Device as a Service


“IT” is not getting any easier.

  • Aging Fleet
  • Budget Pressure
  • Business Volatility
  • Security


DaaS: Reinventing how technology works for you.

Workplace transformation begins with HP DaaS, which enhances, improves, and optimizes the way your organization acquires, manages and uses technology—while giving IT a strategic role.



HP Device as a Service — Reinventing how technology works for you.

Enhance – Device Acquisition:

  • Capex to Opex.
  • Award winning innovative technology on regular refresh cycle.
  • Improve cash flow and achieve predictable TCO.


Improve – Device Management:

  • Full suite of device management lifecycle services, customized to your needs.
  • Consistent experience across the globe.
  • Reduce costs and free up internal IT resources, while improving end-user support.


Optimize – Device Usage

  • Productive, secure, always-ready devices from day one to end-of-life.
  • Active monitoring with proactive and predictive services.
  • Fleet reporting, analytics and insights.
  • Continual device optimization.
  • Drive tangible business impact.

À la carte solution offered in a single contract on a per-seat, per-month basis.


Above as explained below:

ENHANCE DEVICE ACQUISITION: Reinventing how technology works for you.

Give users innovative technology, built-in security, and a regular refresh cycle. Discover a new model for acquiring technology that improves cash flow and helps you achieve predictable ownership costs.

Strategically trusted: Leverage HP’s expertise and scale, and bring greater value to your business.

End-of-life safe: Get ahead of technology with a solution that plans ahead for end-of-life.

Financial intelligence: Manage your total cost of ownership with contractual precision.


Building your HP DaaS solution

We add to your contract your selected excellent computing devices and accessories.

Full range of HP commercial products: PCs, Thin Clients, RPOS, Workstations, Mobile Devices and accessories.


IMPROVE DEVICE MANAGEMENT: Reinventing how technology works for you.

Lifecycle services from configuration to device refresh improve end-user support and reduce costs, while freeing up internal IT resources. Benefit from HP’s global consistency, expertise, and single point of accountability.

Satisfaction driven: Close Service gaps and deliver HP calibre service across the device lifecycle.

Monitored for security: Keep your devices monitored, secured and policy complaint at all times.

Global consistency: Have a global provider and a single point of accountability.


Steps in improving device management – DaaS Services

  1. Discovery & Design
  2. Configuration
  3. Deploy
  4. Optimize
  5. Maintain
  6. Dispose & Refresh


  1. Discover & Design


Understand the customer’s current state and objectives and design a solution.

Assessment, Discovery, Design future state personalization, solution designing and project planning are the things to remember when discovering and designing.


  • Clarify what is working or not working in the current environment about efficiencies, helpdesk, security concerns, policies and guidelines.
  • Assess and find the gaps by applying industry best practices.
  • Design the services to cover the lifecycle with the best total cost of ownership and return on investment.



  1. Configuration


Devices configured according to customer requirements that will integrate into their end-user environment.

Image & application, custom system settings, integration and packaging, labelling, tagging, and win 10 application transformation are the things to keep in mind when configuration is going on.


  • Ready-to-use integrated hardware products set up according to customer IT organization and security standards.
  • Build and customize fleet with the right image, application and settings.
  • Installation and integration of third party hardware parts into devices.
  • Improve device security and asset management to prevent lost or stolen assets.
  • Global reach and consistency
  • Cost optimization



  1. Deploy


Special services to deliver secure and deploy devices that fits your organization’s requirements.

PC Deployment project management, logistics, installation and setup, migration, and executive services.


  • Streamline operational processes through a consistent installation of devices.
  • Reduce in-house labour cost and focus IT resources on value-added tasks.
  • Minimize downtime through fast, professional, and expert deployment of devices.



  1. Optimize


Services to help with end-user readiness.

Helpdesk, moves, adds and changes, priority services, proactive intelligence, data, and device security are the things to remember when optimizing DaaS.


  • Maximize productivity of end-user
  • Improve specific requirements for security and manageability.
  • Fast troubleshooting of devices/reduce downtime.
  • Get reports about IT performance.



  1. Maintain


Easy access to repair services for optimal uptime.

On-site services, resident engineers, multi-vendor, accidental damage protection, defective medical retention are the points to keep in mind when maintaining a DaaS.


  • Minimize impact of downtime and increase performance of existing processes.
  • Focus IT resources on value-added tasks.
  • Reduce IT costs/budget.
  • Reduce security breach impact.
  • Manage sensitive data effectively



  1. Dispose & Refresh


Safely and securely decommission and refresh end-of-life devices.

Data wipe, recycling or disposal, device refresh are the things to be kept in mind while disposing.


Refresh of hardware/dispose of old hardware.

Decrease a large stock of old hardware.

Wiping data from retired hardware—securely and worry-free.

Recycling of hardware in compliance with applicable legislative practices and environmental regulations.



OPTIMIZE DEVICE USAGE: Reinventing how technology works for you

Delight your users and transform your workplace with productive, secure, always-ready devices. Monitor devices with Proactive Intelligence*analytics that anticipate problems, and optimize fleet performance and productivity. You can see a tangible impact on your business.

Lifecycle productivity: Make users happy with devices that are well tuned and productive.

Dashboard insights: Gain analytical insight on your fleet’s inventory, location, and condition.

True customization: Let HP manage all your devices with an ideal service mix.

Workplace optimization: Get proactive support and issue resolution through Proactive Intelligence and Tech Café.


Management and analytics

  • Global single point of contact
  • Customer advocate inside HP
  • Part of the HP account team
  • Service performance reporting
  • Hardware performance reporting
  • Manages any issues and escalations



Service and ecosystem to deliver DaaS:

  • Devices
  • Services
  • Management and Analytics

Commercial agreement:

  • As a Service- Choose your service, define your team. Single contract per seat per month.
  • Flexibility to meet customer’s needs- Inside Service Contract, Outright Purchase, Direct Lease, and Capex to Opex.

The HP difference:

  • Monitoring, managing, reporting and analytics
  • End point device management expertise
  • Print & Personal Systems
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Direct & Channel Enablement



  • HP can supply your PC and Print Services across their complete lifecycle around the globe with one contract and fixed monthly payments.
  • HP has the highest “Recommend” rating of the top PC OEMs.
  • Consider the many other cost-saving and improved experience services from HP.


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