HP DaaS Proactive Management (HP DPM) – Service Definition – Part 1


HP Device as a Service (DaaS) is a modern service model that simplifies how organizations equip their employees with the right hardware, support, and lifecycle services. Our goal is to improve end user productivity and security while providing customers and IT with performance, agility, and cost predictability.

As part of HP DaaS, Proactive Management with HP TechPulse provides multi-OS device management services, comprehensive insights, and reports for the device fleet. HP offers three plans: Standard, Enhanced, and Premium. Standard is designed for customers who want to manage and secure their own endpoints but want to leverage the unique insights and reports from HP TechPulse to do this more effectively and with greater visibility to issues that are impacting end-user productivity. Enhanced and Premium packages include multi-OS device management and security policy enforcement by specialized HP Service Experts. HP Service Experts are trained and certified in unified, multi-OS endpoint management technology and will assist IT in delivering proactive security, support, and device management. Please note that Proactive Management does not include any form of onsite “break-fix” support or any onsite support Service Level Agreement (SLA), however, these can be purchased separately and included in the HP DaaS contract.

HP TechPulse is the HP analytics and machine learning platform that provides rich insights at the fleet level while also providing detailed insights and recommendations at the individual device/user level. HP TechPulse uses machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights which help customers optimize IT spending, resources and perhaps most importantly, end user productivity and security. Customers can view dashboards of their environment and reports for all enrolled devices, including non-HP devices1. The HP DaaS Proactive Management and TechPulse platform is cloud-based and offers flexibility and scalability for customers who have mobile users and multiple device and OS types at multiple locations. HP TechPulse analytics and reporting gives customers that “single pane of glass,” holistic view of their multi-OS fleet through an intuitive dashboard.


Plans at a glance

  Standard Plan


Enhanced Plan

HP Managed

Premium Plan

HP Managed

  • HP desktops, notebooks, and workstations.
  • HP Retail Systems: HP Engage, HP RP9, MP9, ElitePOS.
Hardware Support
  • Next business day repair/replace response.
Standard plan plus:

  • Accidental Damage Protection.
  • Defective Media Retention.
Customer Success Management N/A
  • Account Delivery Manager for onboarding and regular service check-ins.
Proactive Management with HP TechPulse Device health and planning analytics from HP TechPulse:

  • Windows, Android, and MacOS analytics.
  • Hardware, software, BIOS inventory.
  • Device and component health.
  • CPU, hard disk and software utilization.
  • Predictive reports.
  • Hardware and OS health incidents.
  • Mobility factor report.
  • Device replacement guide.
All in the Standard Plan plus:

  • Security analytics from HP TechPulse.
  • iOS analytics.

HP Service Experts perform:

  • Device monitoring and management.
  • Security policies enforcement.
  • Windows OS patch management.
  • Automatic parts replacement on HP devices.
  • Remote assistance.
  • Security incidents and reports.
  • Remote assistance.
All in the Enhanced Plan plus:

  • Advanced software analytics from HP TechPulse.

HP Service Experts perform:

  • Application deployment.
  • Mobile app whitelisting and blacklisting.
  • Windows Information. Protection policies.
  • Password recovery on Windows devices.
  • Wi-Fi provisioning.
Lifecycle Services Services, for all phases of the asset lifecycle, delivered by HP or our partners with a one-stop quote and agreement
Financial Services
  • Device as a Service (DaaS) plans include options from HP Financial Services with 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60-month terms.5
  • Fleet Flexibility options6 include the ability to flex the number of devices up or down with 36 or 48-month terms.




HP Proactive Management service has dependencies on systems, network, and some important customer information.

System Requirements:

DaaS Proactive Management with HP TechPulse:

  • Windows 7.0 SP1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Android v4.4 and up
  • iOS 10.0 and up9
  • MacOS 10.12 and up

Browser requirements for HP DaaS portal. Windows PC web browsers:

  • Google Chrome for Windows: Version 68.0 or higher
  • Internet Explorer for Windows: Version 11 or higher (Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 only)
  • Firefox for Windows: Version 61.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows: 40.0 or higher
  • Mobile OS browsers
  • Chrome on Android: 68 or higher
  • Safari on iOS 10 or higher
  • Safari on MacOS 10.12 or higher

Supported HP Retail Point of Sale (RPOS) systems. HP DaaS Proactive Management analytics client support for HP retail point of sale (RPOS) devices. Retail Point of Sale Devices:

  • HP RP9 G1 Model 9015, 9018, 9115, 9118
  • HP MP9 G4
  • HP RP5 Model 5810
  • HP Engage One (includes former ElitePOS Model 141,143,145)
  • HP Engage Flex Pro
  • HP Engage Flex Pro-C
  • HP Engage Go

Network requirements:

An Internet connection is required for communications between the managed devices and the HP cloud management service.

Prerequisites for Onboarding:

Onboarding is the process of transitioning all customer devices covered under the DaaS plan into HP Proactive Management using the HP TechPulse solution. The following information and activities are required to proceed with the on-boarding project. The responsibility to provide the required information to the Onboarding Program Manager falls to the customer, the HP Account Manager, and/or the reseller/partner:

  • Customer primary contact (name, email, phone, and location information). NOTE: This should be the IT contact for the customer or partner who will be working with HP to deploy the software agent to the devices.
  • Customer company address
  • (Enhanced and Premium Plan) Customer device list to be managed by HP Proactive Management. Device model and serial number are needed when we enrol the devices into Workspace ONE. A template will be provided during the on-boarding process.
  • Customer User Principal Name (UPN) (Example: )
  • Active Directory DNS domain name (for example:
  • Customer list of report admins
  • Implemented firewall and proxy settings
  • Install and run the Proactive Management network assessment tool.




Primary Service roles and personas:

Depending on the HP DaaS Proactive Management plan and options purchased, different personas may come into play. The task responsibilities for the respective plans are outlined in more detail under each plan’s description section.

Onboarding Program Manager – The Onboarding Program Manager assumes some, or all, of the following responsibilities, depending on the needs of each account:

  • Gather and consolidate the required customer environment information, and the specific needs of the customer to accurately enrol the HP DaaS devices.
  • Develop and implement the on boarding project plan.
  • Communicate progress to the customer, HP, and partner (if applicable) throughout the on boarding process.
  • Complete the on boarding process promptly.
  • Reduce deployment time while mitigating transition risks.
  • Verify a successful implementation.
  • Transition customer support for the HP DaaS Proactive Management capability to Service Experts.

HP Service Expert – The HP Service Expert’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Create the HP DaaS Proactive Management account.
  • Add or remove HP DaaS Proactive Management console users.
  • Deploy MDM device policies and customer applications per customer request.
  • Remove requested apps from the customer’s Device App Catalogue.
  • Monitor device incidents in Proactive Management portal and notify customer when a device health issue is detected. Also, provide optimization and diagnostic tools to resolve health issues
  • Provide requested reports.
  • Troubleshoot installation and connectivity issues.
  • Coordinate Windows update deployments and changes to Windows update installation policy in coordination with the customer.
  • Assist customer and provide answers to service related questions.
  • Help ensure compliance with HP DaaS Proactive Management subscription requirements.
  • Attempt to remotely locate or erase data from a missing or stolen device.

Customer IT Device Administrator – The customer’s designated IT Administrator is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Establish an HP DaaS account, working with their partner or HP account rep.
  • Install the Proactive Management software onto their DaaS managed devices.
  • Request to add or remove managed users and devices.
  • Request application deployment or removal
  • Test updates throughout the Windows 10 update life cycle, including application user acceptance with the updates. Also, communicate change requests with HP Service Expert team to enable them to adjust the updates rollout and associated ring settings.
  • Review hardware, software, and other reports and respond as necessary.
  • Troubleshoot and perform triage for common end-user support issues before escalating to HP support.
  • Roll back OS updates in customer environment in case of a failure.
  • Request device lock or data erase on a device reported missing or stolen.
  • Ensure compliance with software application licensing requirements.
  • Renew, change or cancel the HP DaaS account.

Note: Personnel authorized to access the Proactive Management console include a partner if the customer pre-approves a specific individual within the partner organization to have access to the customer’s Proactive Management account.

Other HP DaaS Proactive Management personas:

HP Account Delivery Manager (ADM):

HP Account Delivery Managers (ADM) may be included in some plans or can be added to an existing HP DaaS Proactive Management contract for an additional charge.

Customers who purchase HP DaaS Proactive Management through their preferred partner will sometimes designate their partner to have access to the HP DaaS Proactive Management portal and to serve as the primary point of contact for incident notifications in coordination with HP Service Experts.

The objective of an HP Account Delivery Manager (if applicable) is to help ensure HP is meeting its contract goals and be a proactive, trusted customer advisor. The ADMs primary responsibilities can include:

  • Account transition and setup
  • Business reviews
  • Account planning
  • Business Collaboration
  • Contract administration
  • Services and third-party management
  • Socialize new Service features with the customer
  • Internal HP deliverables
  • Customer-specific requests


The customer’s reseller or IT services partner, at the customer’s discretion, may take on some or all the customer’s responsibilities within the Proactive Management plan. In addition to that option, partners (if applicable) can be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Ensure the HP Proactive Management Care Pack is registered.
  • Schedule and host meetings with HP and customer as needed.
  • If applicable, provide business insights and expert analysis for customer environment leveraging Proactive Management reports.
  • If applicable, perform customer point of contact or other duties, if so designated by the end customer.
  • Assist customer with device enrolment or troubleshooting as needed.
  • Socialize new Service features with the customer




Onboarding is the process of bringing all customer devices covered under the DaaS plan into the Proactive Management with HP TechPulse solution. This is critical for HP to deliver the service successfully. HP TechPulse can monitor and track the devices, collect data, and generate reports and actionable insights, once the customer has been successfully onboarded and all DaaS devices have been enrolled. This data collection is required for HP Service Experts to manage the customer devices in both the Enhanced and the Premium DaaS plans.

Onboarding Program Management:

An HP Onboarding Program Manager will be assigned to manage the onboarding process for the account if the customer purchases an HP DaaS Enhanced or Premium plan. Once the service is registered, the Onboarding Program Manager will manage the onboarding project from kick off to completion and is responsible for the successful onboarding of the account. Please refer to the Roles and Responsibilities section for more details about the scope of the Onboarding Program Manager role.

If the customer purchases the HP DaaS Standard plan, no dedicated Onboarding Program Manager will be assigned since it is a self-managed plan. Once a customer completes registration of the service, HP will review the information and create the account for the customer. HP Service Experts will also send a welcome email to the customer once account creation is complete. As a part of the welcome kit, customers will receive instructions on how to obtain assistance.

Onboarding process overview:

The onboarding process can be broken down into five phases:

  • Phase 1 – Registration
  • Phase 2 – Information gathering
  • Phase 3 – HP Recommendations and Account Creation
  • Phase 4 – Deployment
  • Phase 5 – Transition to Ongoing Management

The registration process is the same for all plans, but it varies depending on how the service is purchased: through contract, Electronic Software Delivery SKUs, or Fixed Care Pack SKUs. The remaining phases vary depending on the plan purchased. If it is Premium or Enhanced plan, HP will have Onboarding Program Manager assigned, and lead through the onboarding process by working with customers. If the self-managed Standard plan is selected, HP will create the account, but the customer or partner will be responsible to complete the remaining tasks. HP will provide instructions to assist with these tasks.

The above phases will be explained in detail soon.


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