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IT Simplified: Generative AI

What is Generative AI?

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, such as ChatGPT, help to create diverse content like audio,images and videos,code and simulations. By training on existing data, Generative AI identifies patterns and compiles them into a model. Despite lacking human-like thinking abilities, the data and processing power of AI models allow them to recognize its patterns.

Emails security

IT Simplified: Email Authentication

Email authentication helps validate who is sending emails. Email authentication methods can help protect your domain, your brand, your reputation, as well as help improve deliverability overall. Here we understand what and how’s of email authentication and what happens after you hit the button send.

Email authentication isn’t just about security – it’s also about deliverability. By putting records in place and authenticating your emails, you can protect your brand and help your emails successfully reach the inbox. It helps in preventing email fraud, improve your email deliverability, and ensure continued delivery.


The Future of Emails: I

Email is the primary form of communication in any business for more than 20 years. Yet study after study proves that it lacks productivity-wasting time. On an average, an employee sends and receives 122 emails per day. They also have approximately 150 unread mails in their inbox. And the employees spend a shocking one-third time on their mail at their workplace.